EDMOND, Oklahoma - Arcadia Lake has officially reopened. This comes after it has been closed for a month due to flooding. But caution will be key if you plan to visit the lake any time soon. 

The City of Edmond says although water is receding, it’s still several feet above normal.

“The last time we had a closure like this was six years ago. And the water level was not nearly as high as it was this last time at its peak,” said spokesperson for The City of Edmond, Casey Moore.

“Lake staff has been working really for the last month as the waters have slowly started to go back down, trying to help with cleanup,” he continued.

Arcadia Lake is still five to six feet above normal, but it's not just the water elevation that the city is asking lake goers to be cautious of.

“Lots and lots of debris. Lots of trash that basically washes into the lake during heavy rain,” Moore said.

Edmond Police also advise boaters to watch out for logs and brush piles brought in from the flooding.

“Our staff has done an amazing job working on cleanup. But there are definitely still areas that need cleanup,” Moore added.

He also says that they will start having volunteer groups come out and help around the lake. You can contact the City of Edmond to participate.

Along with the water itself, several of the lake's parks are reopened. But the City asks you respect all barriers and stay away from blocked off areas inside those parks. The one that still remains closed is Carl Reherman Park.

Additional good news for any annual pass holder: to make up for the month-long closure, they’re adding an additional month onto your expiration date.