Police have taken two men into custody following an alleged armed robbery that took place around 9:00 Friday morning. However, officers said one suspect was able to get away.

The case began when officers were dispatched to a report of a victim who had been robbed at gunpoint. The alleged crime took place near Southwest 28th Street and Western Avenue.

“From what we gather so far, three male subjects held a gun to another male subjects head, robbing him of his iPhone and some cash,” said Officer Brad Gilmore of the Oklahoma City Police Department.

No one was reported injured.

The investigation then led to a tip. According to Gilmore, officers then responded to a home near SW 30th and Walker.

After an eight-hour standoff, police discovered the third suspect was no longer inside.

Plumbers who were working across the street said they witnessed one of the other suspects being arrested. As other officers and the SWAT team arrived, the plumbers were forced to leave their tools behind and clear the area.

“We were right across the street watching the whole thing,” said Spencer Foster. “I figured it was a drug bust, especially when there on the intercom, gun pointed to the house, and you see one guy walking backwards. Then more and more cops kept showing up barricading the roads.”

The Red Cross delivered water and other items as temperatures climbed to emergency responders. The heat index showed at some points of the day it felt like 106 degrees outside.

Officers believe the property they searched belonged to one of the suspect’s grandparents. They said it's possible that in between the time they took the tip, and got to the home, that the man had slipped away. They of course could not confirm that until they could safely search the home.

“I was just watching everything like…what's going on,” said Foster.

Police said they will not be releasing the identity of the suspects Friday. The two men have been taken to police headquarters to be questioned.

Officers anticipate more information will be released on Monday, June 24.