CUSHING, Oklahoma - An Oklahoma veteran is asking the public for help to repair a garage used for storage. 

Robert Booten, 83, served in the Army during World War II. Serving our country runs in the family. Booten’s father and son also served.

Booten received a letter in the mail from the City of Cushing on June 1, stating repairs need to be done on the garage by the end of August. Since receiving the letter, Booten has worked to gather supplies.

Mother nature, the family believes, has done a number to the building.

“I bought trim for it, I’ve bought felt for it and I bought 16 2x4’s for it,” said Booten. “I’ve been buying all I can until I run out of money, and now I (don’t have anymore).”

Local lumber companies have stepped in and donated supplies to the veteran. The problem now is finding the manpower to fix a caved-in roof and bowed out wall.

Family members say they can even help pay.

“They said that once he had a stroke, he needs something to continue to keep his mind on,” said Booten’s son Larry. “That garage, that building is the only thing keeping his mind on doing stuff.”

The Booten family hopes to find help soon as time continues to tick. Repairs would be the world to the family.

“America stands for the home of the brave, but it wouldn't be the home of the brave without the brave,” said Cheryl, Booten’s daughter-in-law.

The family has set up a Go Fund Me page to help with additional costs in repairing the garage. Click here if you would like to donate.