This week on Episode 36 of Mitchell Talks the News 9 Sessions, Scott Mitchell and House Majority Floor Leader Jon Echols sit down with U.S. Senator James Lankford.

When asked about Iran, Sen. Lankford said: “Let me start with we are not going to war. We are not trying to go to war. The president has been very clear he is trying to get us out of war in Afghanistan, get us out of wars in Syria, get us out of Iraq. He’s not trying to add us to a new one and its been a little bizarre to hear Democratic colleagues in Washington say this is his wag-the-dog moment, that he’s trying to find a way to get us into a war.”

Lankford pointed out, in spite of troubles in the Middle East and questions over immigration, the economy is still strong.

“Last month's unemployment, not only for the Oklahoma but for the nation, was unbelievable. The unemployment rate, literally the jobs, 1.5 million more jobs in America than there are people actually looking for a job right now," he said.

Lankford also addressed disaster relief in the wake of Oklahomas flooding. Find out what you need to know as a home owner, an apartment dweller and a business owner on Episode 36 of Mitchell Talks the News 9 Sessions.