OKLAHOMA CITY - Two suspects are accused of stealing thousands of dollars’ worth of antiques from an 89-year-old woman. 

Oklahoma City Police are still searching for one more suspect.

Investigators were first tipped off about the crime by the victim’s neighbor.

Harold Ingram said last month, he noticed a man outside his elderly neighbor’s Southeast 44th Street home.

Ingram said the fence was open and he knew the elderly woman was out of town.

“I came across the ditch and he ran like a race horse. He was really running,” Ingram said.

A few minutes later, Ingram said there was a woman outside the same house.

“She took off, but I thought she might, so I wrote her license plate down and I gave that to the police,” Ingram said.

Officers responded to Ingram’s call to find the elderly woman's home had been burglarized.

According to the police report, the property stolen was worth around $6,000, including guns, a television and an antique sewing machine.

However, the suspects also left their images behind, captured on surveillance video.

“Detectives were able to follow up on both the leads provided by the cameras and the neighbors, and yesterday successfully got two of the suspects caught on camera in custody,” Oklahoma City Officer Megan Morgan said.

Two suspects, Brandon Oldham and Jodi Scott are behind bars for the crime, and police are looking for both another male suspect and all the stolen items.

“Any serial numbers she may have either on the guns or the electronics will be provided to our pawn shop unit, and that will be put into a system,” Morgan said.