OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City is moving around moving company UHAUL, when it comes to connecting the new Boulevard with Bricktown. 

For the past few years, cars go around the UHAUL building on Oklahoma Avenue from the new OKC Boulevard.

The City offered UHAUL more than a million dollars to move their parking lot to allow for a straight shot down Oklahoma Avenue on the east side of the UHAUL building.

UHAUL wanted nearly $5 million to reconfigure its entrance, and both sides never reached an agreement.

Now, there's a new plan to move that stretch of Oklahoma Avenue and the OKC Boulevard intersection to the west side of the UHAUL building.

However, that plan has potential roadblocks.

The new Oklahoma Avenue stretch west of the UHAUL building would mean closing the stretch of the current Oklahoma Boulevard south of Reno.

Centennial Loft Condo residents use that stretch to access their parking.

“In the last few weeks, we became aware of other interests in the area, so we are addressing those,” says OKC Public Works Director Eric Wenger.

Wenger says another option would be to move the Boulevard/Oklahoma Avenue intersection, but keep the current stretch of Oklahoma Avenue south of Reno.

Wenger says a decision will be made in the next few weeks.

The new Oklahoma Avenue stretch and the intersection off Boulevard will be completed by the end of summer, when the entire OKC Boulevard is expected to open.