LAWTON, Oklahoma - Reaction continues this week now that Fort Sill is soon to become shelter for migrant children from the U.S.-Mexico border. Officials say at any time, approximately 1,400 migrant children will be brought to the army post.  

In 2014, Fort Sill housed migrant children in government custody.

Resources, Republican Congressman Tom Cole says, is the current problem.

“There is a lot of complexity about this and sadly congress has not given the administration the tools it needs,” said Cole. “In this case so far, we haven't given them the resources they need.”

President Trump requested $4.5 billion in May for emergency spending at the border, not including funding for a wall.

“We need everything from barriers to technology, even more people, we have been moving that way but clearly not fast enough,” said Cole. “I think you need to be able to treat people from other countries the way we treat Mexicans or Canadians. If you come across the Canadian or Mexican border, if you are from Canada or Mexico, we can return you immediately.”

In a statement, Democratic Congresswoman Kendra Horn calls for an end to separation:

“We should end the practice of family separation immediately. Families are coming to the US to escape violence and danger in their home countries. These are parents trying to keep their children safe from violence. We must ensure our nation's security and we must also uphold the highest standards of humane treatment - especially for unaccompanied children. I appreciate everything the servicemembers at Fort Still will be doing to achieve both of these goals during this mission. We need comprehensive immigration reform, including increased support for our immigration courts.”

A Japanese-American group called “Tsuru for Solidarity” is planning a protest in Lawton this weekend. They say they won’t stand by as children are thrown into, what they call, concentration camps.

The protest will be held at Shepler Square Park located at 406 W. Gore Blvd. in Lawton at 11 a.m. on Saturday, June 22.