WASHINGTON COUNTY, Oklahoma - The Oklahoma attorney general has confirmed a “career criminal” is locked up and is accused of scamming Oklahoman’s out of thousands of dollars. 

Jerry Shane Fellers was arrested Monday, June 17 near Vinita, Oklahoma.  Troopers said they were acting on a tip from the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office, when they pulled Fellers over for speeding on the Will Rogers Turnpike.

News 9 first told you about Fellers on June 3, 2019. His alleged crimes are spread across the state, but mostly he is known as a “bad contractor.” Reported victims have accused him of taking their deposits and other money, and never completing the work promised.

The Moreau family, from Cleveland County, said they tried to report him a while back. The family said they were told by law enforcement that it was a civil matter. They are now having to build their own barn and estimate their loss at $16,500.

The family wired Fellers the money.

“We went through so much. We were angry. We felt taken advantage of,” said Charly Moreau.

She said she had researched Fellers online, and her family even met him person. He came out to their home, took measurements, sent tools and kept in touch with them. But after about a month of waiting, they said things fell apart fast.

“He didn't have a face that was going to take you to the bank,” said Charly’s husband, Kevin.

That was until they talked to others who confirmed Fellers was a scammer.

Fellers had a previous mugshots and stories that followed him across Oklahoma.

The Moreau’s said that eventually, the company that owned the construction tools that were dropped off at their house showed up to their doorstep. The company told them that Fellers wrote them a bad check, and that the items were supposed to be returned weeks ago.

Various state court documents reveal Fellers allegedly stole over $40,000 from his reported victims. But again, that doesn’t include the Moreau family. Their case never made it that far.

Fellers had outstanding warrants in Washington, Garvin, Cleveland and Pottawatomie Counties.

“We have removed somebody from what was a career approach to crime,” said Attorney General Mike Hunter.

Hunter said it would be generous to call what Feller’s was doing “a business.” But, his victims said it did appear that he was a legit contractor at some point in his life. They said that’s what made his story so believable.

On June 3, when Fellers was reportedly on the run, News 9 called his company "Acxel General Contracting" and left a message. The call was never returned.

“Not that I want anyone to suffer, but he does need to pay for what he has done,” said Charly.

Fellers faces multiple charges. He remains in Washington County now, but Attorney General Hunter said he awaits his transfer back to McClain County. That’s where the AG’s office has filed its charges.