OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City is addressing a municipal court system bogged down by low-level offenses. It's giving some offenders a major break. 

“Anyone who comes to court and can’t pay isn’t going to jail,” says OKC Councilwoman JoBeth Hamon, about the new system adopted by OKC City Council Tuesday. 

Her plan creates an “amnesty window” for low-level offenders. Those people can pay a reduced fine and work out a payment plan with a judge. Warrants would also be eliminated.

Speeding tickets that have escalated to $600 can be taken care of for $150-200.

“Because of the fines and fees and that accumulate, it’s really hard for people to pay off,” added Hamon.

The new ordinance is designed to make the municipal court more efficient, because administrative employees won’t have to track warrants.

The amnesty window starts July 1, 2019 of this year and ends March 31, 2020.