OKLAHOMA CITY - Authorities are actively searching for an Oklahoma Department of Corrections fugitive who has been on the run since May. Corrections officials said Jermaine Raines, 33, did not escape a DOC facility but was on GPS monitoring and lives in the metro.  

Matt Elliott, DOC spokesperson, said Raines wore an ankle monitor and let the battery die.

“When you are on GPS supervision as he was,” said Elliot. “We can’t have that happen. It’s the same thing as escaping from custody.”

Elliott said DOC has been working with Oklahoma City police since May 27 to locate Raines.  A man driving a blue Mustang on Monday night, Elliott said, matched the description of the wanted fugitive.  

“Our fugitive apprehensions agents and Oklahoma City police believe we tracked him and tried to stop him,” said Elliott. “That’s when he eluded.”  

During the brief pursuit, the suspect crashed into a tree behind an apartment complex near Northwest 16th Street and Harvard.  Officers lost sight of the suspect when he ran into a wooded area.

A resident said the man driving the car lives in the area, but Ben Hoffert is adamant he is not Raines. News 9 asked Hoffert why the man ran from police.

“I don’t know, I don’t have a clue,” said Hoffert, pursuit witness. “I thought he was trying to take a shortcut through the field.”

Hoffert said his friend goes by the name Jay and does not look like the DOC fugitive.

“I don’t know of his charges or his criminal background or if he even has one,” said Hoffert. “But I do know that’s not the same man and he’s not a fugitive.”  

Raines's DOC record showed he is currently doing time for pawning stolen merchandise and carrying a firearm after a previous felony conviction.

“Anytime you have someone who has been in for a firearms conviction or any other type of convictions where they’ve been to prison,” said Elliott. “The public should be cautious and really just call the police if they think they see them.”

Officials urge the public to call 911 if they see Raines or report his whereabout to DOC by calling 405-425-2570 or 866-363-1119.