Deputies are searching for a suspect that broke into a Logan County home around 5 a.m. Monday morning.

They said the would-be-burglar broke into a home that had two people inside of it.

Within moments, gunfire erupted from the property that sits on Tumbleweed Trail.

Deputies said one of the victims and the suspect were shooting rounds at each other.

News 9 obtained the 911 call from the incident.

A male victim revealed he was shot in the leg by the suspect and was able to bandage the wound as he waited for an ambulance.

Here are some excerpts from the 911 call:

Caller: I have been shot in the leg. Someone invaded the house.

Dispatch: Is the person who shot you in the leg…

Dispatch: No. They are gone.

Dispatch: Okay, do you know who it was?

Caller: I have no idea. It was dark.

Dispatch: Okay, how long ago did this occur?

Caller: Um, five, ten minutes ago. I don’t know man.

It is unclear what the suspect was looking for.

Deputies said nothing had been reported stolen, and the suspect was able


to get away.

Authorities have been searching for any clues.

The two victims in the home at the time were possibly guests, according to the undersheriff. Deputies are searching for the actual homeowner.

“When we executed a search warrant where it appeared a vehicle sped out of the driveway at high speed. Just from acceleration marks that were left in the gravel,” said Undersheriff Troy Dykes of the Logan County Sheriff’s Department.

Deputies have confirmed the male victim has been released from the hospital.