Oklahoma City police officer’s body cameras were on during the arrest of a machete wielding woman reportedly attacking cars at a southwest Oklahoma City apartment complex last week.  


Officers responded to the chaotic scene near Southwest 44th Street and Woodward Avenue.

Witnesses said a machete wielding suspect was terrorizing the parking lot.


“Hey, hey put it down. Put it down, drop it! Get on the ground!”

Apartment residents reported seeing Shantika Johnson, 37, attack two cars with the machete. 

A resident named Juan, who did not want to do an on-camera interview, said he witnessed the aftermath. He said he had to shield young children from watching the bizarre scene unfold. 

Shortly after police arrived, Johnson removed her shirt and screamed obscenities at the officers.

The woman's son was able to help police calm her long enough to get her handcuffed. 

Suspect’s Son:

“Just don’t beat my momma up, not in front. Man, you know how it is. I’ll help you out, I’m telling you I’ll help you out.”

Even in handcuffs Johnson continued to yell curse words and fight officers. She even spit on them several times. Officers said she spit pepper spray and blood in one of their eyes. 


“Don’t spit! Get her on the ground, get her on the ground, get her on the ground!” 

Johnson was not only handcuffed but her feet had to be restrained as she was transported to jail.

“She was booked into the Oklahoma County jail on several charges,” said Sgt. Megan Morgan, Oklahoma City Police Department. “Including for causing damage to a police car, the private vehicles and spitting on the officers.” 

Police did not confirm is she was intoxicated or is she was having a mental health episode. 

The disturbance was not Johnson’s first arrest. She has a long list of felony convictions in Oklahoma County.