Oklahoma's severe weather season has extended itself until the middle of June, as a complex of storms moved across the state Saturday night.

The primary weather threats were wind and heavy rain, but a tornado was spotted early Saturday evening in Custer County.


There were also reports of supercell tornadoes near the towns of Taloga and Putnam, both of which are in Dewey County. However, a pair of quick Quasi-Linear Convective System (QLCS) tornadoes were spotted on radar late Saturday night and early Sunday morning near the town of Jones and then later in Lincoln County.

Damage from severe wind gusts was also reported across the state.

News 9 viewers shared the following photos: 

Funnel in Wellston, Oklahoma.


Tornado in Taloga, Oklahoma. 


Wendy P. shared photos of tree damage in Moore, Oklahoma. 


Downed trees in south Oklahoma City.