PONTOTOC COUNTY, Oklahoma - U.S. Marshals shot a woman who allegedly helped a Logan County inmate escape. It happened in Allen Thursday, June 13 near Ada in Pontotoc County. 

Melissa Grayson allegedly helped Logan County inmate Adam Misty Quilimaco escape. Quilimaco is a trusty who was working with a county crew, when he walked away from the facility sometime after 4 p.m. Wednesday.

Grayson has an outstanding warrant for her arrest on a child neglect complaint.

Police tracked Grayson and Quilimaco down after Grayson attempted to use a credit card at Merriman Country Store.

Grayson reached for a gun during an altercation with officers, and that's when U.S. Marshals fired several shots. She was airlifted to the hospital.

Lori Pirochta, Melissa’s mother, tells News 9 she is bipolar and met Quilimaco while in jail. She was shocked when she found out what happened through a News 9 App alert.

“I was shocked, I didn't think it would go that far,” said Pirochta. “I knew that she was really upset, she was in a manic phase.”

Grayson has tried getting help for mental illness, Pirochta says, but has been unsuccessful for years.

“She did have a drug problem and it started when her father was killed by a drunk driver,” said Pirochta.  “She didn't get the help she needed but she loved her kids, and the suicide is coming in now because she lost her kids.”

Oklahoma Highway Patrol is investigating Thursday’s encounter.

Quilimaco has been arrested and taken to the Pontotoc County Jail.

Employees at Merriman Country Store played a big role in identifying the two and are happy nobody else was seriously hurt.

Quilimaco is in jail on two counts of robbery and possession of stolen property.

Grayson is scheduled to have additional surgery Friday.