OKLAHOMA CITY - A man is accused of raping a teenage girl and forcing four men to watch at gunpoint.  

Oklahoma City police were called to a home early Thursday, June 13 near Northeast 26th and Martin Luther King Boulevard.

“A person who is going to engage in sexual assault doesn't want an audience while he's doing it, and that’s exactly what happened,” said Oklahoma City Police MSgt. Gary Knight.

According to police reports, Melvin Wooten, a transient, was acquainted with his victims.

“Some sort of altercation had taken place earlier in the evening, I don’t know if that played a role in what ultimately happened,” said MSgt. Knight.

Following the altercation, police say Wooten showed up at the victims home armed with a sawed-off shotgun. Then, he ordered a teenage girl and four men to sit.

“He had threatened to kill anyone who got up and tried to leave. They were definitely his hostages for a period of time,” said MSgt. Knight.

Police say Wooten took off his pants and unclothed the girl. Wooten held the men at gunpoint and told them he planned to rape her.

According to a report, Wooten threatened to kill them all saying, "I don't care which one of you gets the first bullet. "

“He told them he wanted to make sure they watched what was happening,” said MSgt. Knight.

Even while held at gunpoint, police say one of the hostages made a secret call to 911.

“The person calling 911 was whispering and the dispatcher was just barely able to understand them,” said MSgt. Knight.

Police arrived within minutes.

“They walked in on a woman being assaulted, it was a sexual assault that was taking place,” said Knight.  

Wooten was arrested. He’s facing several charges including kidnapping and rape.

Police said Wooten was under the influence of drugs and was unable to speak to officers.