OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro family is wondering who would steal a wheelchair. It belongs to a person who almost died in a home invasion robbery earlier this year. 

The wheelchair was recently taken from the front porch of a house near Western Avenue and Northwest 41st Street in Oklahoma City.

“It makes me scared and sad that someone who would do that,” says 20-year-old Brett Duncan who had been using the wheelchair.

Duncan was the victim of a home invasion robbery in January, at the same home where the wheelchair was taken. He was shot in the neck and back, and his heart stopped twice. The suspect in the shooting hasn’t been caught.

“I was pretty bloody,” says Duncan, who has undergone 14 surgeries.

Since the home invasion, the family has installed a home security system. The thief who stole the wheelchair was caught on camera.

The family hopes someone will recognize the person in the video and call police.

Thankfully, Duncan doesn’t have to use the wheelchair as much anymore.

However, the family is still on the hook for the $600 to $1,000 to replace the wheelchair, which was being rented at the time of the theft.

“Remember karma,” says Duncan to the thief.