EDMOND, Oklahoma - A young man was arrested after he had a drug-induced hallucination and allegedly attacked an infant outside of Crest Foods at 15th Street and Santa Fe in Edmond. This, all because of apparently laced marijuana. 

There were several eyewitnesses who told Edmond police about the suspect’s erratic behavior, and surveillance video confirms what was said.

Officers told News 9 that on May 24, a young man could be seen attacking an infant on the west side of the parking lot at the grocery store.

"You can see our suspect grab something out of the shopping cart and slam it into the ground,” said Jenny Wagnon, with the Edmond Police Department.

It was later discovered that what you see in the surveillance footage was a one-year-old in his car seat. Luckily, the car seat took the brunt of the attack, and the child was not severely injured.

Witnesses followed the suspect to a neighborhood nearby, all while on the phone with 911. He could be seen pulling his pants down and exposing himself to drivers going past.

And when Edmond police located the suspect, he was unresponsive, yet breathing. The officer on scene called for medical attention.

“Once he gets up to the suspect, there's a physical fight that ensues between them,” Wagnon said.

Once the suspect was placed into an ambulance, he started to apologize. He later admitted to smoking a marijuana joint that he believes was laced with either PCP or acid.

Being a juvenile, Edmond PD is not releasing the suspect’s name. But now, officials are looking for the distributor.

"Our investigation hasn't gotten us to a point where we are satisfied with where we are. So, we know that there's got to be someone in the public that knows who's distributing this, where it's coming from. And we want their help,” said Wagnon.