OKLAHOMA CITY - Sunday’s storms created a lot of problems around the Oklahoma City metro area, from flooding and power outages to fires and downed trees.

Thunder and lightning filled the sky as strong winds pushed sheets of rain through central Oklahoma. Small hail littered the streets and water quickly covered roadways. Many drivers powered through the flood waters while others didn’t take the chance.

“It's been pretty busy,” said Lance Burnett, District Fire Chief with the Oklahoma City Fire Department.

Firefighters were called out to several areas including Northwest 23rd Street, where some drivers weren’t so lucky and stalled out in the high water.

“We had a few water rescues going on through the city and fire alarms coming in auto alarms as well,” said Burnett.

Those fire alarms took them to a home on Northwest 42nd Street.

“It looks like lightning may have hit the power source somewhere down the line, involved line into the side of the house,” said Burnett.

The fire damage was mostly in the attic. Then, just as one fire was put out, another call came out to a two-unit apartment building on Northwest 14th Street, where weather is also to blame.

“Initially put water from the outside to get the flames knocked down so we could get in to make an interior attack,” said Major Derrick Kiel with the Oklahoma City Fire Department.

The storms also knocked out power to more than 23,000 customers. Once the storms passed, the damage was visible along Northwest 164th Street near Rockwell Avenue where the high winds snapped or bent power poles.

“This is what we came out to, it was just ‘wow,’” said Todi Hale about the damage.

Hale’s neighborhood is near Northwest Hefner Road and Rockwell Avenue where neighbors immediately began the cleanup of a huge tree that was split down the middle and fell across the road.

“We couldn't believe it,” she said. “I mean the tree, it takes like two or three people just to hug it, that's how big it was.”

Neighbors came together though with chainsaws and helping hands to cut up the massive tree and clear it from the road.

“I'm here to help, as much as I can really,” said Ryann Hale.

While the storms did leave behind some damage, no injuries were reported.