NORMAN, Oklahoma - A group of metro teenagers spent part of their summer raising money through a lemonade stand to send a group of disabled elderly residents at a Norman apartment complex to the zoo.

The teens met their $1,000 goal to do so, however this week, they learned a bus used for transportation broke down.

The group of teenagers spent several days outside the Willows Apartment Complex in Norman selling lemonade.

“I’m really excited that these girls took time out of their summer to do something special for us and our Christmas,” said resident Lorie Burris. “I never dreamed of them raising what they raised for our Christmas and for our activities through the summer, I never dreamed that a lemonade stand would do that.”

Willows Apartments Manager Desiree Lynch has tried finding an alternative method of transportation. What is making the search challenging is many vehicles only have two spots for wheelchairs.

The cheapest option will cost the complex $1,200.

“They worked hard and they were so excited that they reached their goal and then to tell them that now its not going to happen, they were only heartbroken for a little bit,” said Lynch. “They automatically changed their mind and was like well we go back out again.”

The Willows Apartments are asking for any type of help, even suggestion on alternative methods of transportation. Anything for just one afternoon on the town.

“I don't even have the words to say what it would do for all of us,” said Burris. “We would all get to be together and enjoy the day together and get to know one another.”

The lemonade stand reopens again this weekend at the Willows Apartment complex, located at 517 N University Blvd. in Norman.

Lynch said the group of teens will keep selling lemonade until their $1,200 goal is met or they receive assistance.

A GoFundMe page has been established to assist with fundraising efforts.