OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City police released on Friday the 911 call made moments after a 3-year-old boy was accidentally shot in the stomach. The boy’s father made the call after hearing the gunshot in another room. 

Police were called to the family’s home Thursday night near Reno and Czech Hall Road. Police said the victim’s two parents and four other children were in the home when the gun went off.

The father told 911 dispatchers that the gun was inside his wife’s purse.

Father: “We were in the living room and I heard a shot go off in the kitchen, and uh, my sons were in there.”

Police said the victim was rushed to a local hospital for surgery after being accidentally shot in the stomach.

“Responding officers learned that the 3-year-old picked up a gun, and the 9-year-old brother tried to get away from the 3-year-old,” said Sgt. Megan Morgan. “And that’s when the gun was accidentally discharged.”  

The father told dispatchers he secured the gun that was inside his wife's purse and made the other children leave the home.

Throughout the call, the father stayed calm but was clearly anxious for help to arrive. The wounded child cried in pain during the call.

Father: “Do what?”

EMSA Dispatcher: “Is he completely alert?”

Father: “Yes, he’s completely alert. Are you all on your way? Or do I need to take him? Do I need to take him or are you all on your way?”

The boy’s father told the EMSA dispatcher he was able to bandage the gunshot wound and that it was not bleeding profusely.

Once officers arrived at the home, DHS was also called to the scene. Police and case workers interviewed both parents, but no one was arrested, and police do not know if charges will be filed. 

“The incident is still under investigation and DHS was notified,” said Sgt. Morgan.  

Police said the boy is expected to survive the gunshot wound.