OKLAHOMA CITY - The City of Oklahoma City has just released heartbreaking video of the moments before and after a man was electrocuted in the Bricktown Canal

Wesley Seeley was killed in the fall of 2018, but security video was just released Thursday, June 06, 2019 by city officials.

That footage shows on September 30, 2018 Seely fell into the Bricktown Canal as witnesses cried out for help.

Within moments, one of those witnesses, Brandon Gann, jumped in to try and save Seely. Seely was electrocuted, and Gann was badly shocked by the current.

Gann’s wife Taylor watched those terrible moments unfold. The two were on their honeymoon and had been married a day before the accident.

“I'm standing on the side close to the canal. Brandon's standing on my left and we hear like a splash and a scream,” said Taylor.

Gann was critically injured he was taken to the hospital, where he continued to fall in and out of a coma.

Family said Brandon reported losing pieces of his recent memory, including his recent wedding and what happened in the canal.

After the accident, city contractors said of the 80 lights near the canal, over a dozen needed to be fixed. The plan now is to install new circuit breakers, put the lights on structures and replace light fixtures along the canal starting next year.

“It's having 270 volts this close to water, I think that's the biggest issue,” said Doug Kupper, OKC Director of Parks.

In early May 2019, the City reached a settlement with Gann's family totaling just over $169,000.

Months ago, Taylor said her husband pushed to get the video released.