PAYNE COUNTY, Oklahoma - Oklahoma State Bureau Of Investigation agents and Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers are still looking for a Payne County woman. Investigators believe her co-worker killed her, then dumped her body into the Cimarron River. 

Chelsey Chaffin, 29, has been missing since shortly after she moved in with convicted rapist Earl Oswalt on May 24, 2019. Chaffin had recently gotten a job at the same Stillwater manufacturing plant as Oswalt.

Brittany Miller says she worked with Chaffin at Eskimo Joe’s in Stillwater, before she took the new job  a few months ago.

Chaffin disappeared two days after moving in with Oswalt.

“And if she knew what kind of person he was, about his background and history, she never would have involved herself with him at all,” said Miller.

Oswalt spent 20 years of a 60-year sentence in prison, before he was paroled in 2017.