OKLAHOMA CITY - Weeks of rain had a huge impact on Oklahoma roads. In Oklahoma City, road crews are out making repairs to countless potholes.

If you have a pesky pothole in your area, you can fix it by going to the City's website.

First, type www.okc.gov , go to the “report it” tab, and type “pothole” in the search bar.

“We love when people help us out and report it with the action center. That way we know right where to go,” said Shannon Cox, the public information officer of the Public Works Department.

Every year, the City reports spending about $5 million to fix potholes.

The recent rain that pounded down on Oklahoma has created some issues, but no more than normal, according to Cox.

However, some specific areas are worse than others. Neighbors living off Northwest 150th Street, said their area was covered with holes after the rain.

“For the most part, you are constantly having to dodge and weave to avoid the potholes. Could not go over 20 miles per hour, with all the rain, it made those lil' potholes into massive craters,” said Ryan Heston, who lives nearby.

Heston said the pavement between County Line and Morgan roads can be especially tough.

“When there is standing water inside some of them, it's hard to see cause, there is standing water everywhere,” said Heston.

Thankfully, he says the City has filled many of those potholes in this past week.

Though, it might surprise you how much it takes to maintain city streets. The City said 13 crews go out daily.

“An average year for us is about to be about 60,000 potholes a year,” said Cox. “There are lots of areas throughout the city. We are so large. We have 621 square miles, 8,000 lanes miles that we maintain.”

When you report the problem online, you can upload a picture of the pothole, and send it off to the City.

If you would like to call instead, the action center phone number is 405-297-2535.