McCLAIN COUNTY, Oklahoma - The Oklahoma Attorney General Office is searching for a contractor accused of home repair fraud and embezzlement. 

Investigators said Jerry Shane Fellers is accused of ripping off multiple people, in multiple counties. Fellers is accused of stealing just over $40,000 from his reported victims.

The most recent investigation stems from McClain County.

“He is at large, we are currently attempting to take him into custody,” said Attorney General Mike Hunter.

In the two cases in McClain County, Fellers was asked to build a metal shed by his clients. Attorney General Hunter said that the victims paid in full, and Fellers never intended to perform the work.

“One of the most important things is, do not give contractors money up front. We see that happen all too often,” he said.

News 9 called Fellers’ company "Acxel General Contracting." However, that message has gone unreturned.

Fellers alleged crimes can be pinpointed across the map. He has outstanding warrants in Washington, Garvin, Cleveland and Pottawatomie counties.

In 2018, Fellers reportedly took a check for over $15,000 from one victim, then wrote a hot check for $3,456.80 to another.

Across the region, Fellers has been charged with embezzlement, forgery and obtaining cash merchandise by false pretense. All of that is a violation of Fellers’ probation, spanning from a 2012 case.

“Mr. Fellers is clearly is someone who has made a career out of this and, and our goal is to make sure that this career has ended,” said Attorney General Hunter.

Fellers is charged with two counts of embezzlement, two counts of home repair fraud, and pattern of criminal offenses in McClain County.