EL RENO, Oklahoma - A young survivor of the El Reno tornado is fighting an uphill battle of recovery.  

Loved ones say 7-year-old Charisma really lives up to her name, with a loving personality.

“She’s just full of life. She’s the sweetest thing and she’s so thoughtful,” Marnita Guerrero, Charisma’s mother said.

For over a week now, Charisma has been bound to a hospital bed at OU Children’s, undergoing numerous operations.

“She's alive, of course that's what’s important,” Guerrero said.

Guerrero is also recovering from her own injuries.

According to Guerrero, when the tornado hit her family's mobile home, all she wanted to do was protect her children.

“I jumped up and I started running toward my kids' room and I didn’t make it to them, but I tried,” Guerrero said.       

After the family’s mobile home was destroyed by the tornado, Charisma was taken to the hospital with severe injuries.

Guerrero said there is a chance Charisma’s arm may have to be amputated. With no home and no insurance, the mother has no choice but to ask for help.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for monetary donations, and can be found here.

A benefit concert for the El Reno tornado victims is also scheduled for June 16 at the Denny Crump Rodeo Arena. Click here for more information.

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