OKLAHOMA CITY—A big change hit the Oklahoma County Jail this week.

Deputies transferred eight inmates from the maximum security facility to a nearby juvenile detention center.

“We received a court order from Judge Prince, that allowed for the removal of all juveniles from the Oklahoma county detention center,” said Mark Myers, an information officer with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office. “We also contacted all law enforcement within Oklahoma county, that we are no longer accepting juveniles. They will have to be taken to CIC first, and then where then processed and then accepted by the Barry House.”

These are the type of crimes in which youthful offenders could be sent to the juvenile facility.

But, three of those inmates have already been returned to the jail’s custody.

Jail staff reported three of the juveniles were charged with first degree murder, and could not be taken to the other facility.

That will of course apply to some other future violent offenders.

“As part of the order, it does allow though for juveniles to be returned to the Oklahoma county detention center if there are behavioral issues, or whatnot that the Barry House cannot handle. And, they believe that those juveniles be brought back to the Oklahoma county detention center and placed in this maximum security facility,” said Myers.

In a letter to jail staff one captain writes:

“Just wanted to make sure you were aware that today the Oklahoma County Detention Center transferred all the Juveniles in our custody to the Oklahoma County Juvenile center per the court minutes from Judge Prince dated 5/29/2019. We have been working very closely with the Juvenile center during this transfer to make it as safe and seamless as possible. I have also spoken with Judge Prince today, and the Detention Center will be working off of Administrative Order AD7-2006-17 written by Judge Elliott in regards to admissions of new arrestee’s that are Juveniles. The procedure will be as follows:

Upon the arrest of a juvenile that meets the youthful offenders act, they will be taken to the Community Intervention Center (CIC) for fingerprints and then transferred to the Juvenile Center for admission. The only Juveniles the Detention Center will take, will be from the Juvenile Center based on Administrative Order AD7-2006-17. These will be individuals that are possible security risk or exhibit behavior that is disruptive to the orderly routine of the juvenile center.

Agency heads throughout the county have been made aware of this new procedure. I believe this is in the best interest of our juveniles as well as the new changes and direction of the Oklahoma County Detention Center.

Any questions you may have, feel free to contact me,


Captain Gene Bradley

Assistant Jail Administrator

Administrative Commander


Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office”

“As far as how the Oklahoma county sheriff's office is looking at this, I mean this allows us, it free up some space. It also allows our detention officers to focus on the needs of the adults who are here,” said Myers.

We reached out to the juvenile center and judge and haven't heard back.