EL RENO, Oklahoma - May 31 marks six years since the widest tornado on record tore through El Reno.

Jaicey Guelig lived through the 2013 twister and helped clean up the community, but last Saturday when an EF-3 tornado touched down, her mobile home took a direct hit.  

"It’s definitely something I will never forget," said Guelig. 

She said she was just about to get in the shower when the tornado hit. The next thing she knew, her fiancé was telling her to hold on. 

"I remember closing my eyes, and I remember feeling myself go through something solid like a wall,” said Guelig.

Later, they figured out her and her fiancé went through the roof of her home. Their trailer was left tipped over, but that was nothing compared to the scene that Guelig woke up in. 
"Basically people running around screaming, blood everywhere," described Guelig. "People had chunks of skin hanging off of them.”
Guelig had no clothes and was hurt badly. Eventually she was taken to the hospital by ambulance. 
"Found out I had internal bleeding, my spleen ruptured and I had fractured ribs on my left side,” said Guelig.
Her fiance, Chad Strickland, was also hurt. 
"He's got 20 staples in his back, on his arm,” said Guelig.
Strickland has visible cuts dotting his face as well. 
Guelig still isn't ready to go back to the mobile home park.
"I wanted to, but I feel like it's just too hard to look at everything gone,” said Guelig.
Despite his injuries, Strickland went back. He and friends found one piece of hope among the rubble. 
"There was actually a cross I had on my wall," described Guelig. "I had a mural of crosses from friends and family. There was one cross that was still on the wall, and they were able to get that.”
The cross now serving as a symbol. Guelig knows just how lucky she and her fiancé are. 
"It could have been a lot worse," said Guelig holding back tears. "We could have been dead, and I’m really thankful we’re not.”
The couple are staying with family right now and said they are getting help from the community.
Guelig will have follow-up doctors appointments but said she's taking it one day at a time.