An Iraq and Afghanistan War veteran known for his generosity and quest to help others Thursday stepped up in a big way for the family of a disabled teen in Choctaw.

Wil Tanksley’s family thought Adam Ely and his wife Toni came to Wil’s 16th birthday party just to say hi. 

However, the Ely’s also presented the family a check for nearly five-thousand dollars. 

Tanksley has a very rare muscular condition that affects all of his limbs, and he faces a grueling ten-hour operation in Shreveport, Louisiana in ten days.

“What they have to do is go in and cut his muscles in his legs and lengthen them,” said Adam Ely.

“So this dude is in excruciating pain all of the time, because his muscles are literally tearing with every growth spurt.” 

Ely says he was able to raise the money because his wife came up with a nifty t-shirt design, and by getting donations from people literally all over the world.

Wil’s mother Taryn Wilson says she’s very grateful. “It eases my anxiety, it eases Wil’s anxiety, um you don’t feel so alone,” she said.