A man who police say shot at an Oklahoma City police officer and missed is behind bars.

Police exchanged gunfire with the suspect while investigating a domestic disturbance at NW 38th and Maney.

According to investigators the suspect was standing in the front yard of the home when police arrived.

Police say an officer called out to the suspect when he started to walk away and ignored his commands.

That's when police say the suspect suddenly turned around and was armed with a gun.

Police say the man shot at the officer and the officer returned fire.

The suspect ran into his home and shortly later emerged from the back door.

Unaware that police had the home surrounded, the man quickly surrendered without incident.

“They always preach to officers that there’s no such thing as a routine call or routine traffic stop, this is a perfect example of that you never know when you're going to walk into something like this,” said Oklahoma City Police Msgt Gary Knight.

Neither the officer nor the suspect were injured.

Police plan to release the man's identity Friday.