OKLAHOMA CITY - Residents in the Arbor Meadows development near 149th Street and Hiwassee in Oklahoma City say they are struggling to get their homebuilder to fix drainage issues damaging their properties. 

Mary Zink said she and several other neighbors are even considering filing a class action lawsuit against 4Corners Homes. The company has not responded to News 9’s request for comment.

“I wouldn’t have moved out here,” said Zink. “As much as that hurts, I wish I wouldn’t have moved out here.”

Zink and several other neighbors say every time it rains in the hilly community, water flows from one yard to the next, rutting up yards and spilling into garages.

“Everybody dreads it, because we know what’s going to happen,” said Zink.

Homes in the neighborhood are listed between $250,000 and $310,000, and Zink said she feels ripped off by the builder.

“He told me that, pretty much, they aren’t willing to put out any money to help us with this issue,” said Zink.

Trey Wiggins said it’s become a safety concern.

“We were in our storm shelter the other day. Water was leaking through my garage and it was hard to get out of my storm shelter. And it was kind of leaking into our storm shelter, too,” said Wiggins.

Zink said she saw the lay of the hilly landscape before she bought the home, but she feels like the homebuilder should have explained the potential for flooding better.

“I did not grasp the flooding issue. I don’t think any of us did,” said Zink.

The homeowners have a meeting scheduled Thursday, May 30, where they hope to have more answers from builder.