LOGAN COUNTY, Oklahoma - The raging Cimarron River has now swallowed up 10 homes at the Twin Lakes Sports Club in Crescent, according to city officials. 

The private community in Logan County lost its first home to the river last Tuesday morning.  

Terry Gooch’s home is about to go in. He says when he and his wife Paige bought the home a decade ago, they were a good 300 feet from the river. He says as recently as three weeks ago, they were still a good 85 feet from the drop-off to the Cimarron River.

“I think we’re four inches right now, before it takes it… Don’t go back in that house. No. Can’t. I mean, it’s my home. I want to,” said Gooch.

Five of the 10 homes that have been swept away, belong to residents who have lived at Twin Lakes full-time. 

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