Eighteen of Oklahoma City's 182 tornado sirens are being repaired and may not sound in an emergency, city officials said Tuesday.

Some of the 18 sirens under repair had the power knocked out by recent storms, and the others may also have been damaged in the storms. A silent test Tuesday revealed these 18 sirens may be malfunctioning:

City officials said you should never rely on sirens or any other single source of information as your only cue to deciding to take shelter. Even if you can hear a siren inside your home, you may not during a noisy thunderstorm. 

Visit okc.gov/prepare for more information on how to prepare for severe weather.

Outdoor warning sirens are not intended to warn people inside a home or building. They’re primarily to alert people who are outdoors that a tornado threat is nearby.

City officials said tornado sirens are meant to be one of three ways to get information about weather. Other ways include a NOAA all-hazards weather radio, smartphone app, television news, AM-FM radio or an online news source.