EL RENO, Oklahoma - In light of the tornado damage, El Reno police said looters will try to take advantage of victims. Businesses have hired security to protect what’s left. 

“People take time and care and shed tears for people that are victimized, there was a couple of people who passed away here,” said Danny Franks with Blackhawk security.

While the community rallies to help and support victims of Saturday's tornado, Franks says there are others who prey on their misfortune.

“Not all people are good people, they'll come out and they'll try to steal people's valuables. Even if it's something little to someone else, to them it’s very important,” said Franks.

Police have recovered IDs, family photos, and other small items that, they say, mean the world to families who have lost everything.


 Franks says it's those items, they along with police, hope to protect, until family members have a chance to thoroughly sift through what's left.

“We'll be keeping an eye out on all the buildings, anyone messing around that’s not authorized,” said Franks.

In addition to personal possessions, Franks says security will patrol businesses that were nearly leveled. He says without a watchful eye, they're often targeted and picked clean.

“They'll come out and steal copper, whatever materials it cost more for the insurance and everything else,” said Franks.