A man's bizarre and dangerous behavior shut down traffic on Thursday at a busy metro intersection, witnesses said.

Oklahoma City Police arrested Charlie White, 55, for attempted robbery after he allegedly tried to steal a truck that was stopped at a red light at northwest 36th Street and Western Avenue.

Police suspected White was on drugs when he told them someone broke into his house and put drugs in his system. 

The stylists at Weldon Jack have a view of everything that happens at the busy intersection.

“We see a lot of car accidents,” said Joshua Kidd, witness. “But rarely see anyone trying to fight vehicles. Probably not wise.”

Kidd saw a barefoot White walking up to moving and stopped cars at northwest 36th Street and Western Avenue. What he did not realize was that White attempted to steal a man's truck.

“We see a lot at this corner,” said Kidd. “So it wouldn’t surprise me.”  

The driver of a pickup truck told officers White approached his window and said, "I need your truck. Get out."

The victim told officers White reached into his truck and opened the door.

“He pulled the door closed, made sure the window was up and drove away from the person,” said Msgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department. “Yet, also called 911.”  

When police arrived, they learned the attempted carjacking suspect wrecked his car a short distance from the intersection.

White told officers "people were trying to kill his family" and that he was "trying to get to the church to save his family," but was driving too fast and lost control of his car.

Officers took precautions before taking White to jail.

“We had an ambulance transport him to the hospital to check him out because of his apparent drug usage,” said Knight.

White was booked into the Oklahoma County jail on one count of first-degree attempted robbery.