WEBBER FALLS, Oklahoma - Webbers Falls is practically a ghost town after a mandatory evacuation was ordered due to the possibility of 'catastrophic' flooding.

However, News 9's Caleigh Bourgeois found one stubborn resident who admitted, off-camera, that he decided to stay behind and fish off his back porch.

"We're catching a lot of fish: blues, fatheads, just anything, any type of catfish right now," he said.

However, that resident confided that he was afraid Wednesday when two giant barges headed for a nearby dam. In the end, the impact didn't break it, and the barges sunk, protecting the Muskogee County town for now.

"To put it into my words, and I'm plain-spoken, 'You couldn't have driven a pin up my butt when I saw it hit that dam because I knew we maybe had 10 seconds to go," he said.

Authorities say the evacuation hasn't been lifted yet, and in fact, a long block of Webbers Falls was already under water before the dam was even in jeopardy. Heavy rain has caused the Arkansas River to rise, and authorities said it could continue -- not just in Webbers Falls but up into Tulsa County.

"You don't want to see anybody lose their life, you know? I mean, especially over possessions you know? Simple things like that, and it's best to get away," said Webbers Falls Police Chief Matthew Crittenden.

Crittenden said he's talking to emergency managers and other experts as to when the evacuation can be lifted and when the water will recede.

But he said he did all he could to get everyone out of town safely.

"We just went door-to-door trying to get everybody informed and the situation and the possibilities, and encourage them to leave by all means necessary," he said.

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