OKLAHOMA CITY - A dam to a private lake in Oklahoma City is in danger of failing, according to the City. 

The storms have washed away the earth below the dam causing a portion to collapse. As a precaution, the City says voluntary evacuations are underway, and police have shutdown Air Depot between Hefner and Northeast 115th Street.

According to nearby residents, multi-million dollar homes surround the private lake in the Shadow Ridge housing addition.

In anticipation of additional rain, officers went door to door handing out flyers warning residents of possible flooding.

“Right now, everyone just seems to be waiting and watching,” said resident Seethal Madhavarapu.

“If it does break, it's going to be a lot of water coming through here,” said concerned resident Brad Meyers.

While some residents have heeded to precautions, others are staying put.

“Our houses are in this other neighborhood, we think we’ll be fine here,” said Madhavarapu.

Both residents said the potential for a break at an already compromised dam has caused many curious residents out of their homes.

“We saw that the dam is kind of broken over there, and so they're worried if there’s more rain tonight the dam is going to break,” said Madhavarapu.

“We saw it on the news and the boys have friends, so we walked down and thought I’d send the drone up,” said Meyers.  

Drone video shows the private lake is filled to capacity. However, residents say it's the homes just south of the neighborhood that would be impacted.

“I’ve talked to some friends in the neighborhood, they are not worried either. If it breaks, it would flow down south,” said Madhavarapu.