CANADIAN COUNTY, Oklahoma - The Canadian River is now spilling over into areas of Yukon and far west Oklahoma City. The water has flooded cattle pastures, roads and homes. 

People who live and own land south of the river said it spilled over Tuesday night.      

“About nine o’clock last night the river came up,” said Brent Lodes, landowner. “That road is now four to five feet deep.”

Lodes said overflow ran into areas of Canadian County that have not seen flooding like what they are experiencing now in decades.

“The people who have owned land longer than me said it’s since 85,” said Lodes. “The worse since 1985.”

Lodes moved his horses and large machinery over the weekend but did not get to his cattle until it was nearly too late.

“The calves were putting their noses on their mom’s back just to survive,” said Lodes. “We cut fences and drove them to a neighbor’s levy. Then, we went over to check on neighbors’ horses and the horses were chest deep in water, and we couldn’t get them.”

 He said the only way to their land is by taking a large tractor or by boat.

City crews set up signs on Sara Road and Northwest 50th, where roads are now washed out. Lodes says the water is so high on parts of Sara Road even large trucks won't make it.

“I have a big lake down there,” said Lodes. “A 30-acre lake down there.”

The Canadian County emergency manager said all he can do at this point is wait for the water to recede and keep an eye out for washed out roads and flooded homes.