Residents and businesses along Air Depot Road between Hefner Road and NE 115 Street need to take flooding precautions, city officials reported. 

A dam at the private lake is in danger of failing and more rain is in the forecast for Oklahoma City.

Air Depot Road in the area has been closed as a precaution. 

People along Autumn Road and Air Depot Road between NE 115 and NE 122 streets are at the most risk if the dam fails, city officials said. 

The city also recommended people along Old Country Road should also consider taking flood precautions.

The City also recommended these things to do:

  • If you’re trapped, call 911.
  • Find a place to go before flooding occurs, and consider evacuating to high ground while it’s still safe.
    • Bring critical supplies like prescriptions, important papers, medical equipment, cash, eyeglasses, hearing aids and identification.
    • Before safely evacuating, move furniture, electronics and valuables to a safe place – take them away from the property or put them on a higher floor or in the attic.