GUTHRIE, Oklahoma - Some of the main waterways in Guthrie had a big impact on some of the main thoroughfares after severe flooding on Tuesday.

The Cottonwood Creek did not looking very creek-like as it raced below the brand new Highway 33 bridge. Crews were able to reopen the road there around 2 a.m. on Wednesday. That waterway feeds into the raging Cimarron River.

Guthrie Fire Chief Eric Harlow told News 9 that the levels have been going up and down, but there is still a lot more to go before it recedes completely. 

One of the concerns is that once all the water recedes, crews are going to find some roads washed out, and that is why there are still some closures. In the neighborhood northwest of the Highway 33 bridge, the water was still moving very fast and was still very high, so Harlow encouraged everyone to stay home if at all possible. 

Guthrie Public Schools announced they would close Wednesday to keep families safe.

First responders hope the water does recede before the next round of rain comes in.

If you do have to drive in the flooded areas of the state, the key is to turn around, don’t drown when you cannot see the roadway.