OKLAHOMA CITY - Instead of getting acclimated with Bricktown Ballpark on the eve of the Big 12 Tournament, no teams were able to practice in Oklahoma City Tuesday due to the bad weather the night before. 

While that might be a disadvantage for some teams, for OU and OSU, Bricktown Ballpark is familiar turf.

“We're pretty used to this environment, we're pretty used to the field here," OU junior pitcher Nathan Wiles says. "We're pretty used to everyone that we're going to play against in the tournament, so I'd say it's pretty natural."

The Cowboys will make the NCAA tournament no matter what happens this week, but the Sooners are squarely on the bubble. But with an RPI of 39 in one of the toughest conferences in the country, Skip Johnson doesn't think they should be.

"If we're really the number two conference in the country, we wouldn't have to win any, we'd just go play baseball," Johnson says. "When you start talking about a result, I mean, we're 33-21." 

The 7-seed Sooners face 2-seed Baylor Wednesday. After that, 3-seed OSU takes on 6-seed TCU.