STILLWATER - A Stillwater woman spent a portion of her Tuesday drying off after driving into flood waters and becoming trapped inside her vehicle.  

Grace Welch, 20, was traveling on North Country Club in Stillwater when flood waters became too deep for her Ford Focus around 9 a.m.

"I really wasn't paying attention, I just thought my little car could make it," said Welch. "When I started driving in is when my car basically started spinning and went over into the ditch."

It didn't take long for Welch to discover the magnitude of the situation.

"It was basically one river from the ditch to the other ditch over the road," said Welch. “It was covering haybales, the whole barbed wire fence, it was all the way up to the top."

Several bystanders were nearby and immediately jumped into the flood waters, attempting to rescue Welch.

"By time I arrived, she was already out in the spot starting to sink a bit," said Phillip Germain. "It was like watching a ship sink."

Germain, along with an OSBI agent, helped bring Welch to safety. The OSBI agent was forced to break out a window. 

"I ended up grabbing the door, pulled it really hard and was able to get the back door open." said Germain. "I grabbed the girl under my right arm and just pulled her out of the car. I was just so happy to see that she was safe and that everything was okay."

Time has passed, allowing Welch an opportunity to reflect. She says she likely won't do this again.

"They say turn around don't drown, and now I know why," said Welch. 

Despite a busy day for first responders, no injuries were reported. 

Roads are expected to be closed for some time until flood waters recede.