KINGFISHER, Oklahoma - More flooding is a concern in Kingfisher, according to city officials. Kingfisher’s city manager and residents are keeping a close watch on two creeks that are close to spilling over the banks. 

Highway 33 West was closed as Uncle John’s Creek was predicted to crest Tuesday evening.

City officials closed the main highway that runs through Kingfisher, just north of town. Drivers were forced to turn around on Highway 81 and seek alternate routes.

“Just trying to route traffic through town and keep traffic moving,” said Dave Slezickey, Kingfisher City Manager. “As long as we have enough dry streets to keep them moving.”

Meanwhile, some residents were dealing with flooding in their neighborhoods. They are traveling by any means necessary to leave their homes and reach dry land.

Lori Kincheloe and her family are sticking around to help others. She said they took precautions Monday.

“Whenever we seen we were under a flood warning,” said Kincheloe. “We went down here, got our horses and moved them.”

Not everyone was as prepared. A driver stalled out as he tried to pass through high water on a street east of Highway 81.

“No bueno, no,” said Leonardo Paris, Kingfisher resident.

Officials expect the flooding to continue throughout Tuesday as Kingfisher Creek and Uncle John’s Creek are anticipated to crest and spill over into town.

“Basically, Uncle John’s Creek, the east side of town,” said Slezickey. “That’s going to be higher than we’ve seen in a long time.”

They are encouraging residents to voluntarily evacuate and seek shelter at the First Baptist Church.

“Just go to where the Red Cross is,” said Slezickey. “It’s safe, there’s food, there’s water, there’s a shower and there’s electricity.”

Some residents plan to ride it out, saying they have done it before.

“This ain’t the first time,” said Kincheloe. “Probably two times before this.”

Tuesday night, city officials told News 9 that Uncle John Creek and Kingfisher Creek began to recede, and may both be drained by Wednesday morning.