MANGUM, Oklahoma - It’s been less than 24 hours since a tornado touched down in Greer County. There have been no reports of injuries, but neighbors reported some livestock was killed.  

Several homes were ravaged by the high winds and soaked by the rain as the tornado’s path continued.

The school’s agriculture barn was also hit, and so was the Mangum fairgrounds. 

“I stood here watching it till it got close to the house. It was too close, I could already feel the spin… It was time to go,” said Rodney Rogers, whose home was damaged.

Rogers said he grabbed his wife and dog and took off north. 

So far, a monetary damage estimate has not been released.

But many said they are just holding on to each other, thankful their loved ones are safe tonight.

“Kenny and Melissa’s house, most of the damage is right in here. The school hog barn, the softball field right over here. Mainly this building right here took the brunt of the damage,” said Vernon Lamb, who lives nearby.

The school’s seemed to be in good shape. As for the rest of the town, they’re coming together to clean up.

Right now, there are still some without power.

“It’s scary. It’s scary,” said Rogers. “We are lucky. The whole town is lucky.”

“I think we will all re-coop. Everybody looks out for everybody,” said Lamb.

The Red Cross and Farm Bureau are out on scene. 

Neighbors told News 9 they are working with emergency management.