Arcadia Lake is closed indefinitely ahead of Memorial Day weekend due to flooding, the City of Edmond reported Tuesday. 

The closure includes Central State Park, Edmond Park, Scissortail Campground, Carl Reherman Park and Spring Creek Park. 

Spring Creek Trail is also closed due to high water in multiple areas.

City of Edmond officials say the lake elevation is still rising over 1,018 feet, which is 12 feet above normal water elevation. 

“That sign says no motorized vehicles, you can see there’s a yield sign,” said City of Edmond spokesperson Casey Moore.   

Most of the grounds including trees and signs are now under Rushing, white capping waters.

“We have roads that are under water, we have campsites that are under water, the beaches are all underwater, the fishing docks are inaccessible,” said Moore.

Moore says the heavy rain has put a damper on the holiday weekend and the lake's operation funds.

“We get to the point where it’s just not safe for people to be either on the water or near the water,” said Moore,

“All the money that is brought in by the lake is used to fund our operations at the lake that pays for staff and all those things out here.”

But despite the inconvenience and weekend profit losses, Moore says they’re grateful for the lake’s current state.

“The number one priority of Arcadia Lake is flood control, that's why it was originally created so it's doing its job that's why it's here it's not flooding other people,” said Moore.  

Moore says the murky, lapping water just isn't safe for any activity, especially boating and swimming.

“There’s a lot of things when you get a flooded lake when the waters come up, there a lot of things that you can’t see that you don’t know are there,” said Moore.

He says while they don't know when water will be released, once it is it will take some time before lake goers can return.

“Once we’re finished flooding then the cleanup has to happen,” said Moore.

The lake was last shutdown due to flooding in 2013.

Edmond city officials said they anticipate the current closures will last a minimum of two weeks.