It's been an active weather day across Oklahoma, and it's shaping up to be an active night. A new tornado warning has been issued. 

The tornado warning was issued for Cleveland, Oklahoma, and Pottwatomie county until 5 a.m. 



Several storms became tornado-warned on Monday after the National Weather Service issued a particularly dangerous situation tornado watch. 

A second wave of storms began in the afternoon and Jim Gardner in Bob Mills SkyNews 9 spotted multiple touch-downs on the ground west and northwest of Oklahoma City in Canadian and Kingfisher counties. 

The second wave continued until about 6 p.m. Numerous storms were expected to develop along and west of Intestate 35 and back into all of western Oklahoma. 

Another storm developed a large funnel in southwest Oklahoma. The funnel made its way near Mangum but managed to miss the town.

A storm went through Noble County near Perry and damaged multiple metal signs, barns and fences, and trees were uprooted.

Wave 3 will be a solid line of storms that will form across northern and western Oklahoma. Tornadoes are  possible in this line of storms, that will move across the state overnight.  

The severe storms from midnight into early Tuesday morning will produce large hail, severe wind, hail and flooding. 

Flooding is a big concern with this storm system. 


Stay with News 9, we'll keep you advised.