COMANCHE COUNTY, Oklahoma - Residents are recovering after their homes were destroyed by an EF2 tornado in Comanche County, three miles East of Geronimo, that touched down Saturday morning.

"This morning, I was out watching the storms. Just making sure nothing bad came into the town. I was sitting, looking south of town, and seen a funnel cloud about half way to the ground,” said Clayton Maldonado with the Geronimo Fire Department.

Two houses were completely destroyed, both occupied.

“All of a sudden the roof was gone and you’re looking up at the sky, you know,” said Weldon Simmons, whose house was destroyed by the tornado.

Simmons says it all happened so fast.

His wife was taken to the hospital due to some injuries, but she is expected to make a full recovery.

Weldon, and another victim in the house across the street, were unharmed.

“It’s amazing. Actually I think they had somebody watching over them because to the bed where they were laying, there was a brick wall that had fell over on it. And for them to get out of that, I don’t know how that was possible,” said Chief Norman Leveille with the Geronimo Fire Department.

Now, recovery efforts are underway.

With help from the Geronimo Fire Department, American Red Cross, and Comanche Nation Emergency Management, they are working to clean up the debris, as well as provide assistance to the victims.

“We’re ok you know. We’re just, you know… these things here can be replaced,” as Simmons gazed toward his once standing house. “But I’m just thankful for the good Lord. He has helped us through the years, you know. He’ll help us.”