OKLAHOMA CITY - Police are investigating a disturbing sex crime out of northwest Oklahoma City. An elderly man is accused of lewd acts in front of a 4-year-old child. 

Police arrested Jack Woodward, 78, on Thursday at his home. He was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail on one complaint of indecent and lewd acts with a child under 16.   

Investigators said the child and another adult were living with Woodward in his home for two months.

A witness told officers she noticed Woodward acting suspicious in the living room on Thursday and became concerned after watching the elderly man go to a bedroom with the 4-year-old. 

“The door was cracked open and she looked inside,” said MSgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department. “She saw the elderly male performing a lewd act with the small child.” 

According to court documents, the man quickly tried to cover up his exposed body part and ran to the bathroom.

The witness told officers she "took the child to another bedroom and locked the door to get away from Woodward." Officers also noted that Woodward knocked on the bedroom door numerous times and tried to open the door.

The witness reported the alleged crime and told police that she and the child are not related to Woodward but are friends of his family.          

“It’s alarming and upsetting anytime you see a victim like this because they are so vulnerable especially at four years of age,” said Knight. “It’s an upsetting thing though not only for everyone involved but for the officers who go to those calls as well.”

News 9 crews noticed Woodward’s home is across the street from an Oklahoma City elementary school. He does not appear to have a criminal record or any history of sex crimes.