OKLAHOMA CITY - The witnesses of a motorcycle crash that killed a man and injured his girlfriend, said they did everything they could to comfort the dying man. 

“I don’t believe they had death on their mind, they were just living, just cruising just enjoying themselves together,” said witness Corey Harris.

In an instant, two lives were changed forever.

“We were both outside working, it was the end of the day and we heard something that sounded like a gunshot,” said Harris.

“I noticed the bike turned on the ground and the truck,” said witness Wayne Rowland.  

Harris was closing up his restaurant near Southwest 22nd and Meridian Avenue, when he heard the crash then ran out, finding two bodies.

“It was an outer body experience,” said Harris.

Rowland stumbled across the aftermath.

“Hit it on the end and then flipped the bike over, and they went flying,” said Rowland.

Eric Herrmann and his girlfriend Erin Loomis had been thrown from their bike.

“Just kind of moans here and there, and I could tell she was in a lot of pain,” said Harris. “I saw him move several times, and it made me hope he might be alright.”

In the midst of chaos, witnesses said they saw the accused drunk driver Mitchell Gray.

“He started crying saying, ‘Oh my God, what did I do? What did I do?’” said Rowland.

Undergoing a field sobriety test, video shows Gray stumbling.

According to court document, Gray spent the day at Lake Overholser, “fishing with a friend and drinking a few beers."

While Gray was placed under arrest, witnesses said they turned to a higher power.

“All I could do at that very moment was just pray, a silent prayer,” said Harris.

“I tried to comfort the guy, put my hand on his head and whispered in his ears, 'May God be with you,'” said Rowland.

According to a court documents, several beer cans were recovered from Gray's pickup.

Gray is facing several charges, including First Degree Manslaughter.

Herrmann’s funeral will take place at the Mercer-Adams Chapel on Thursday, May 23. It's scheduled to begin at 2 p.m.