OKLAHOMA CITY - A new app is available now in Oklahoma’s metro areas. 

SSM Health Medical Group and EMSA teamed up to bring Pulse Point CPR technology to Oklahoma City and Tulsa. It aims to save lives by connecting neighbors during a cardiac emergency.

“Think of it as crowd-sourcing for life-saving,” said Dr. Kevin Lewis, SSM’s regional president.

This app is revolutionizing the first response, allowing private citizens to get to the scene even before the ambulance.

Pulse Point sends out an alert to nearby users within 45 seconds of a 911 call to report cardiac arrest. Users are directed to the closest defibrillator and to the patient.

Doctors and paramedics agree the technology is a game-changer.

Lewis pointed out, “Even now, nearly 1,000 individuals lose their lives related to cardiac arrest in the United States daily.”

Gary Buscombe was almost one of them. Ten years ago, he collapsed in the middle of a Boy Scouts meeting.

“My heart had stopped,” Gary said. “My breathing had stopped, and I was black and blue, and I was gone.”

Gary said he is fortunate that it happened around people who had training, though. They called 911, started CPR and shocked him with a defibrillator.

“Just as I sat up, the firemen came in,” Gary recalled.

Each moment is critical in these types of emergencies. Gary now teaches CPR and was one of the first to download the app here.

EMSA encourages everyone else to follow suit.

“The important part is an engaged and active community,” said EMSA chief information officer Frank Gresh.

They do not want you to be discouraged if you do not have training. Today, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation is not a recommended part of the process. All you have to do is lock your hands together, place them on the center of the patient’s chest and press steadily.

The app will walk you through the process every step of the way.

“It’s not going to start your heart,” Gary admitted, “but it’ll keep your body working, because you don’t want the alternative.”

EMSA and SSM Health already have the full support of local agencies, but do not know yet just how many lives you can help them save.

Gary said, “Even one is worth it, but it all depends on how many people sign up for it.”

You can download Pulse Point right now in the Apple App Store or Google Play.