Criminal Justice reform. How much is too much?

This week on Episode 32 of Mitchell Talks; The News 9 Sessions, Scott Mitchell and Aaron Brilbeck talk with Former House Speaker Kris Steele. Steele is now with Oklahoma For Criminal Justice Reform and is working with lawmakers on common sense reform.

"We actually have a package of reforms that would move Oklahoma out off the dubious distinction of being No. 1 in the world in incarceration and actually show a modest decrease in our prison population.”

House Bill 1269 would make a 2016 law reducing penalties for non-violent crimes retroactive.

“That’s going to impact hundreds of people, maybe a thousand people.” Steele said.

The concern is whether Oklahoma is going too far in releasing so many non-violent offenders; many of whom suffer with mental disorders or addiction issues; and not far enough with post-release programs to keep them out of prison.

It’s Mitchell Talks, the News 9 Sessions, Episode 32.